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PRINTOSCOPE system was created in 2002. The first and main module was Printoscope Cost Control which was presented for the first time during the Cebit 2003 Fair in Hannover, Germany. The Polish premiere took place at the stock market conference in November 2003.

The following years saw a constant development of the product with new modules which significantly expanded system’s functionality. In 2004 Printoscope Safe Print module was created. It was intended for, among other things, controlling printouts from the systems functioning on the server platform – SAP, Oracle Business Suite, etc.

In 2006 further modules of this solution were created, i.e.: Printoscope Terminal Server, Printoscope Printouts Repository, Printoscope Pre Paid. The company also initiated the production of the system called – Terminals G1, later G2 and presently LITE as well as ULTRA LITE which effectively combines the functions of user identification by means of a proximity card of any brand with a printing or multifunction device (MFP). In the following years new versions of the existing modules were created.

In April 2010 SYGNITY SA by consistently following the restructuring plan of the capital group, performed an alienation of author’s economic rights to Printoscope software in favor of Solution4Office Sp. z o.o. company shared and managed by the hitherto, longstanding employee of Sygnity (previously EMAX) Mr. Robert Stefanowicz.

The hitherto commercial success confirms the business concept and maturity of the offered product. Maturity and stability of the product, confirmed by multiple implementations and extensive list of references, gives a significant market power. The attained sales figures are attributed to over 100 implementations in Poland and around the world.

The unquestionable advantage of Solution4Office company is a stable, solid and professional team of employees which has been the part of all projects since 2002, which marks the beginning of product’s existence. This guarantees the highest quality of services and ensures that service assistance participating in all projects is safe both for Clients and Business Partners.