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The term “outsourcing” is an English abbreviation of “outside-resource-using” which means – the use of outside resources. The term was used for the first time in 1979 and it referred to the process of buying German projects by the British automotive industry. The business concept itself, however, was created earlier. Already in 1923 Henry Ford stated that: “If there is something we cannot do in a more efficient, cheaper, and better way than our competitors, it makes no sense for us to do it ourselves, we should employ for that job somebody who can do it better than us”

This sentence represents the beginning of services known today as the outsourcing. These days outsourcing services cover all industry and market sectors.

Solution4Office focuses on IT services related to printing. Starting from printing environment analysis, through the measurement of actual amount of printed documents with a distinction of quality and type of documents and a full information about users and their productivity, and the analysis of the needs of individual departments along with internal survey, ending up with a proposal for a new optimal and cheap solution for printing environment along with a delivery of new printing devices and MFP.

The whole can be delivered in the form of a firm monthly payment or directly dependent on the amount of printed documents and pages.

Everything comes down to a few questions:

*      Do you know the actual costs of printing environment management?

*      Do you know the printing process?

*      Do you know how this can be optimized?

*      Do you know how to reduce the costs of printing and information flow processes?

We can help you. Solution4Office services provide full information about the costs of the production of office documents. We will support the management of all printing and copying office devices, faxes and scanners – irrespective of the brand or model.

Thanks to the outsourcing service we can provide a full-scale support, among other things, we deliver PRINTOSCOPE printouts costs monitoring and reduction system, new MFP devices, consumables, maintenance, technical support, training and even paper.

Optimize your printing environment:

* Reduce your costs by no less than 25 % TCO as compared to those currently incurred

* Reduce paper consumption by about 30% as compared to currently consumed

* Save natural environment – by saving paper you save trees and water!

* Optimize documents and information flow processes

* Increase safety of printed information by means of confidential printing

* Check whether employees have the right to print confidential and secret documents – content control along with the analysis of authorization to use a document

* Optimize devices productivity

* Optimize work and productivity of employees